The Warrior Unit is a subdivision of the Eldian Military. Its members are given the power of the Nine Titans. Currently, there are at least three candidates to replace the current Warriors. Each titan is unique to a certain bloodline and only members of that bloodline can receive the titans.

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The Warrior Unit is the special forces unit of the Eldian Military, they posses the powers of the nine titans and therefore, stronger then any human, especially when their powers are combined and they're fighting together.

Each warrior that participates in missions will be tasked with either protecting civilians or killing titans.

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The Warrior Unit is made up of 9 Warrior Successors and 9 Warriors. The Monarch of Eldia is always the Commander of the Warrior Unit as the Founding Titan. The Deputy Commander of the Warrior Unit is chosen by the Commander, each Deputy Commander doesn't need to be from the same bloodline. The remaining 7 warriors just hold the rank "Warrior" and the 9 successors aren't members of the Warrior Unit, but are the Successors.

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