Tom Arlert is the son of Armin Arlert and for some reason really likes ice cream. Tom was born in 863 and is 25 as of now. Tom always feels awkward on the inside but never expresses it on the outside, He also gets bored really easily and spends a lot of time cooking. When Tom was 6 years old he had to live with somebody we don't know as of now

Tom is obsessed with the number 8 and he really likes the way it is shaped. Tom is a stationary guard that protects the Queen of Eldia, Recently he accidentally killed Lance Akebane and got demoted from [E3] To [E1].

Tom is the current holder for the colossal titan and the head of the Arlert bloodline.

Edit: Tom left AOTR so he nolonger is the head. Nor is he anything else it says

Tom arlert