Humanity's defense against the Titans is a full-time, professional army trained to deal with the beasts. The military is divided into three divisions: the Scout Regiment, which explores outside human territory to hostile areas in a bid for expansion; the Garrison Regiment, which patrols and maintains the Walls, keeping Titans out and acting as the first to engage the Titans if the gate is destroyed; and the Military Police Regiment, the top-ranking soldiers who serve as the personal guards for the CIC and maintain order within the Walls.

Structure Edit

The military is divided into three divisions, each led by their own leaders, but all subordinate to Cobalt Ryker, the Commander-in-Chief of all three.

The Scout Regiment Edit

Ranked among the most elite soldiers, they are tasked with attempting to reclaim territory that has been lost to the Titans. Despite being the most well trained, they often come under dispute from those within the Walls and are constantly under threat of being disbanded since they suffer high losses, and usually fail to supply results. The current commander is Night Ackerman

The Garrison Regiment Edit

The Garrison is responsible for patrolling and protecting the Walls. They are set to the task of evacuating citizens and dispatching Titans in the case of an emergency breach in the Walls. The current commander is Sean Jaeger.

The Military Police Regiment Edit

The Military Police are in charge of keeping order inside the Walls and protecting the Queen. Due to their important function as guardians of the most important humans, only the top trainees from a graduating class are permitted to join them. Despite recruiting from only the best, they are shown to be corrupt and often incompetent due to the nature of their work inside the Walls, far away from Titans. The current commander is Lance Akabane

Qualities Edit

Though the army is full time and has protected the Walls for over 100 years, it is largely corrupt. The Military Police are thought to be the worst, as they actively avoid fighting the Titans, preferably staying alive in the interior. They are also responsible for the lack of technological advancement and various other issues inside the Walls. Under them is the Garrison, thought to be lazy, irresponsible, and cowardly, though, after the breach in the Shiganshina District, their tactics and personnel have achieved amazing improvements. The Scout Regiment are the least corrupt of the three, fighting only for the sake of humanity and reclaiming the land lost to the Titans.

Uniform Edit

All members of the military, including the Cadet Corps instructors, wear similar uniforms consisting of a short, light brown jacket with the badge of the regiment on both shoulders, on the front left pocket and on the center of the back, a light-colored shirt, a dark brown sash around the waist covering the hips, white pants, and dark brown knee-high leather boots. The Scout Regiment members often wear a heavy, green, hip-length hooded cloak with the Wings of Freedom on the back, usually when conducting missions outside of human territory. Trainees have been observed to wear the cloaks, albeit without any symbols when conducting marches in the rain.

The main equipment of the military is the omni-directional mobility gear, which is also their main weapon used in conjunction with two snap-off blades attached to the hand grips. However, the Military Police often use muskets, since they mostly deal with people and rarely with Titans. 

Inside Tactics Edit

  • Vanguard. These soldiers are stationed at the far end of the city, where the breach is. The Vanguard is comprised mostly of regular Garrison troops, and it is their duty to slow down the advance of the Titans if they ever manage to enter the city. Soldiers usually try to avoid direct combat with the Titans in order to increase survival rates. However, the Vanguard regiment does have a small detachment of troops whose job is to engage the Titans outside of the city, after said Titans have been maimed by a barrage of cannon fire. Most of the Garrison Vanguard was wiped out during the Battle of Trost.
  • Middle guard. Located between the vanguard and the rear, the middle guard is tasked with the elimination of any Titans that may have slipped past the first lines of defense (see above). These soldiers usually consist of regular Scout Soldiers
  • Rear guard. They are stationed in the deepest sector of the city, guarding the civilian evacuation through the city gate to the next level of the Walls. These soldiers are usually Scouts with exceptional skill, but are also Military Police soldiers if needed.
  • Colossal Engagement Squad: These soldiers are the most elite of the elite. During the Colossal mission in "Attack on Titan [BETA]", the most elite soldiers of the Garrison and the Scout Regiment team up to take down the Colossal Titan.

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