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 Appearance Edit

Human Edit

He is lightskin with black hair with brown eyes and is average shaped but very muscular, Is very smart and knows alot about titan phenomena.

Titan Edit

Max Jakur's Titan is alot like Eren Yeager's titan form but it hasn't been activated yet due to the fact that Max did not know he could transform into the Attack titan, They have the same hair same look but eyes turn green when he's mad and eyes turn red when he gets into Rage mode or he unlocks a hidden ability left from the previous holder Eren Yeager

Personality Edit

His personality is that he is confident, brave, kind, and honest and very charismatic and sometimes always knows when to make people laugh.

Abilities Edit

Like Eren's Titan form Max can hardened his fists and legs to and some other parts of his body to protect himself like how the armored titan protects himself with armored plates and the Female titan protects herself with hardening her neck with ice when Max enters rage mode he can increase his speed and power to hit faster and harder at the same time it could be a power or a rare gift like Eren's Berserk titan. Earlier before joining the Survey Corps Max was skilled with ODM gear and discovered new ways to kill titans.

History Edit

Max was born in a small village called Snate but he and he's family had moved so he had been raised in the Trost District all his life. Growing up he had an honest life before joining the Survey Corps he was a Trader and he wanted to make a living by bargaining and trading what he had for other things that he and his family needed soon later.

Soon later after his father died, Max joined Trainee Corps just like his father after graduating and ranking first he had the option of joining the Military Police but he refused and

Went to join the Survey Corps so he could complete his dream to become

the Ultimate Titan Slayer.