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Appearance Edit

Human Edit

Marceline has lonb wavy brown hair with hazel eyes and wears glasses.

Titan Edit

Her titan possesses the same appearance of that which Annie Leonhart had in the year 850.

Personality: Edit

Marceline is a rather kind and caring spirit, willing to do anything she is capable of doing only for her comrades, friends, loved ones, etc. When angered however, she can be the spawn of the devil so you might want to watch out.

Abilities: Edit

Marceline is able to shift into one of the nine titans known as: "The Female Titan". The Female titan is one of the nine titans but it's known for it's feminine physique.

History: Edit

Marceline was born from her mother, Sasha Blouse along with her older twin sister, Mags Blouse.Their mother died however, in a mission that took place somewhere quite far. The twins decided that they'd join the Cadet Corps in order to get into the military and serve. Mags Blouse and Marceline Blouse had different ideas as Mags joined the Military Police Brigade and got the easy life in the walls, though that's what her little sister would want for her. Marceline blouse on the other hand went to join the Scouting Legion in order to follow her deceased mother's footsteps.