Mags Blouse is a kind hearten individual, who looks out for others. She has been known to get annoyed when people talk about their family, since she lost her mother when she was younger, and never met her farther.

 Appearance Edit

Human Edit

She has brown hair, Just like her mother, which is always up in a bun with ringlets, and had dark green eyes. After she joined the MPs, Mags changed her hairstyle to two small bun-like pigtails. Mags and Marceline are identical in hair colour and eye colour. Mags is 5'6, she is the same height as her mother Sasha. She is a little pail, but that is because she was scared to go outside the house after her mother passed away on a scouting mission.

Personality Edit

Much like her mother, Mags likes food. She is known as a competent cook to all of her friends, and when possible she would cook the them. Unlike other MPs, Mags likes to work hard and doesn't like to leave a job undone. She prefers doing something herself, so she knows it is done correctly and efficiently. Mags has been known to snack on bread and potatoes when nobody is watching.

Abilities Edit

She has a strong sense of justice, but does not always understand what is going on in a social aspect. She has had a difficult time when it comes to making friends. She became good friends with Night and Pink Ackerman during their trainee days.

History Edit

Mags was born from her mother, Sasha Blouse along with her younger twin sister, Marceline Blouse.Their mother died however, in a mission that took place somewhere quite far. The twins decided that they'd join the Cadet Corps in order to get into the military and serve. Mags Blouse and Marceline Blouse had different ideas as Mags joined the Military Police Brigade and got the easy life in the walls, though that's what her little sister would want for her. Marceline Blouse on the other hand went to join the Scouting Legion in order to follow her deceased mother's footsteps.

In the year 888, Mags heard about someone else with the name Blouse who joined the Trainee Corps. She later found out that his name was Jake Blouse, Mags' and Marceline's cousin. Since Sasha had a younger sibling who was kidnapped at a young age.