Appearance Edit

Human Edit

I was tall, about 6 foot 2 and I had brown hair on where my bottom hair was and I had blonde hair all on the top. I am 197 pounds and muscular. Silvery-Blue eyes.

Personality Edit

I lose my Temper rarely and I don't get surprised that much. I love to help and I like working out and hanging with friends in the pub.

Abilities Edit

I have Echolocation.

History Edit

At the age of 4 is when I and Rin's Father, Commander Erwin Smith, went out on a mission...But never came back. We were young and we had a Mother that sadly died at our twin age of 16. We have been pickpocketing for money and food. I and Rin survived but we had a debt. So we ran away and join Cadet Corp and join the Survey Corp later on after that. I love my Brother the way I love my Mom, Dad, and Food. He prefers Potatoes but I usually go for Other Things. We still keep in touch but we don't really visit each other because of our occupations. We found our Fathers old Cape and cherished it forever. We keep it at HQ and will always remember the things and the heroism he has sacrificed for our's and the walls sake. He will never be forgotten.