Puppydog34566, otherwise know as Emma Reiss, is one of the Princess of AOT:R. She is a also a squad memeber of the Garrison.

Appearance Edit

Human Edit

Emma is a tiny girl, at only 5'5 ft, and 110 pounds. She has medium curly/wavy blonde hair, and mint green/blue eyes. She can normally be found wearing the SG uniform, a white polo and shorts, or a black dress.


Titan Edit

Her titan form, does not change from the previous holder, beside it having mint green/blue eyes.


Emma is described as a Funny, Happy and Energetic Person. She is a kind, loving and caring person, til you angry her, or getting on her bad side. She has an 'Insane Side' as her friends call it, which she goes into a spirling depression. This only happens when you really angry her, or sadden her.


Emma has the ability to shift into the Warhammer Titan.

She is very skilled in ODMG. She was very bad when she first began, but over time she got better.


in the year 880, an Unknown Reiss became the War Hammer Titan, 8 years later when Emma was of age (15), in the year 888, Annie Reiss and Jane Reiss forced the Unknown Reiss into some cavern and they turned Emma into a titan, which then Emma ate the unknown reiss.